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Barbary Pirates Offer Reasons Why Stephen Coughlin was Fired For The Truth…….

Another salient line of reasoning by the Tundra Tabloids’ good friend, Dr.Andrew Bostom. If only our western leaders would immerse themselves into the history of our nations’ past, they would find themselves coming face to face with the same recurring phenomenon that other great statesmen have faced generations ago.

In his most recent article “Fired For the Truth“, Dr.Bostom tackles the reasons surrounding the dismissal of the Pentagon’s most knowledgeable specialist on Islamic Law, and jihad terrorism, Stephen Coughlin.

This past September, 2007, I lectured with Mr. Coughlin, a US Army Reserves Major, at The Naval War College, and witnessed his brilliant, tour de force presentation which elucidated the reliance of contemporary jihadism on Islamic Law. Coughlin demonstrated meticulously that “Jihad fi Sabil Allah”—“Jihad in the cause of Allah,” is the animating principle which underlies the threat of global jihad terrorism, and how this understanding should form the basis for rational, effective threat development assessment, and war planning.”


Stephen Coughlin’s modern predicament is eerily similar to what befell another courageous, unabashed American patriot, William Eaton, two hundred years ago, during our nation’s first encounter with jihad terrorism. “Victory in Tripoli,” Joshua London’s compelling narrative of America’s initial conflict with jihadists—the Barbary wars—highlights, appositely, William Eaton’s experiences. Eaton’s triumphs and travails during his tenure as consul to Tunis (1799-1803), and later U.S. naval agent to the Barbary states, mirrored those of the young American nation he served.


Stephen Coughlin understands and enunciates what was stated openly to then Ambassadors John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—and what they apparently understood—by the Tripolitan Ambassador Adja. During his September. 2007 presentation which I witnessed at The US Naval War College, Coughlin updated this timeless Islamic formulation into its modern context:

If the Enemy in the War on Terror (WOT) states that he fights jihad in furtherance of Islamic causes that includes the imposition of Shari’a law and the re-establishment of the Caliphate; And Islamic law on jihad exists and is available in English; Then Professionals with WOT responsibilities have an affirmative, personal, professional duty to know the enemy that includes ALL the knowable facts associated with the law of jihad.

And Coughlin, a well-trained lawyer, further argued that such understanding by our military leaders is obligatory if they are to uphold their essential commission:

This is the Professional Standard.

Stephen Coughlin has been fired for reminding his peers of this basic obligation.
Two hundred years after William Eaton’s bitter, tragic experiences, and ultimate posthumous vindication, let us fervently hope that our contemporary military and political elites muster the intellectual courage to heed Major Stephen Coughlin’s advice in a much more timely, and responsible manner.

All I can say is that the US has just made a tremendous blunder in getting rid of Coughlin, we need all the right kind of experts who know their history and how to apply it in the modern age.
In order to understand the present, we must look back to the past in order to prepare for the future. Why is it so hard for others to understand such basic truths?

We have just taken one big step backwards in the war against Islamist extremism. *L* KGS

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  1. Coughlin is following in the footsteps of another truth-teller – John Bolton.

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  2. It’s not enough that we know about this story, what’s really scary is that we may be unable to correct the dangerous PC mentality that is rampant in Wash DC. These people are no longer accountable to “we the people.” Not to sound paranoid, but I’m starting to wonder who is really running our government.

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