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Hamas Kingpin Urges For France to Pay Its Dhimmi Tax…….

Hamas potentate: “gots to have more of that European dhimmi cash, it’s our birthright as 7th century believing Muslims. Fork it over.”

” Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh on Sunday called on France to provide assistance to the Palestinians, saying he welcomed “all international efforts” aimed at enhancing security in the region, AFP reported.

In a letter to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Haniyeh said the Gaza government is “prepared to cooperate with all international efforts to establish security and stability in the region.”

According to AFP, the Hamas leader praised Sarkozy’s call for an international peacekeeping force in the Palestinian territories, made at an international donors conference in Paris last month. Haniyeh said Sarkozy had proposed some “positive and encouraging initiatives” at the conference.

Shake your booty Sarko, let that monetary assistance jizya tax jingle jangle from those dhimmi pockets of yours! More here. *L* KGS

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