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Fjordman: About The Swedish Far Left And Islamophobes…….

Fjordman delivers yet another riveting expose, this time about the Far Left and the political socialist elite, that both allows and encourages their thuggery. But first, here’s a video by way of Steen, at Snaphanen, which also gives ample reasons why Swedes should be worried about state sanctioned goon squads, called Expo and Antifa.

An excerpt from Fjordman’s posting at the Gates of Vienna:

The Swedish far-Left, anti-racist organization Expo recently released a publication ( pdf, in Swedish) entitled “Kriget mot islam,” “The war against Islam,” in which they worried about an increasing trend towards “organized Islamophobia” in the West. According to them, “Parallel with the growth of SIOE, a new anti-Islamic network of academics, bloggers and politicians is taking shape. The network has no formal name, but meets at so-called anti-Jihad conferences. The first known meeting was in Copenhagen on the 14th of April this year. Behind the event was the network Center for Vigilant Freedom (CVF).”

As the publication says: “According to one of the most influential bloggers in the anti-Islamic blogosphere, Baron Bodissey, CVF functions as a ‘network of networks. The idea is to gather all counter-Jihad groups under one umbrella to ease the gathering of information and experiences.’” The publication mentions the Brussels meeting in October, and states that “among those attending were a number of well-known right-wing extremists.” An example of these “right-wing extremists” is Israeli politician Arieh Eldad. Expo also talks about Danish journalist Lars Hedegaard and author Robert Spencer, the founder of Jihad Watch.

The text continues: “During the Cold War the extreme Right joined in on the anti-Communist rhetoric. In connection with the increased immigration to Europe it was suddenly Multiculturalism that made up the external threat. In the aftermath of the War on Terror and increasing distrust of Muslims, now suddenly it is the anti-Islamic rhetoric that makes up the new platform for the extreme Right. But there is a problem: Despite the fact that there is great acceptance for xenophobic parties within the anti-Islamic networks, they don’t want to be dirtied by having too clear attachments to openly Fascist groups.”

Notice how Expo compares the criticism of the “extreme Right” regarding Communism, which threatened world peace for generations, to today’s criticism of Islam. I suppose former US President Ronald Reagan, who called the Soviet Union the “Evil Empire” and helped bring down the Berlin Wall, is among these right-wing extremists? Expo’s founder Stieg Larsson was a long-time Communist who met his future wife during a support meeting for the FNL, the pro-Communist National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. It’s interesting that they think Multiculturalism has now taken the place which Communism used to occupy. Some of us have been arguing this before, but with a different emphasis. More here.

The situation we are facing here in Europe is all of our own making. We haven’t been living under any occupation for the past 40 years, so we have only ourselves to blame for allowing socialist politics to become so entrenched in our societies, that we have become blinded to how it has reeked such havoc upon our European societies.

We have only ourselves to blame for allowing the socialists to dictate the rules of the game, while they shove the bogey man of “the far right” down our throats, all the while Neo-Nazism is an exclusively socialist phenomenon. The overtly racist nationalist socialist movement is a close relative, or even blood brother of international socialism, and while thankfully the former has been severely marginalized (due in part to the efforts of its older brother), the latter however, is still very much in power and embodies the same thuggish mentality and brutish tyrannical behavior as its younger brother.

We have been handed a false bill of goods. In order for socialist politics in Europe to have become a fait accompli in Europe, they used the public’s ignorance over the roots of National Socialism in order to create a valid position for themselves in the eyes of the people, as an ideology that will ensure the total demise of racism and war. But the socialists and their socialism are as totalitarian and racist as the Nazis they have successfully replaced. This is nothing more than old wine in newer sacks.

It’s the biggest scam ever perpetrated upon a people in the history of mankind. There has never been a parallel to it, and most likely there never will be.

The Far Left has been busy aligning themselves with the Islamists while the Left is busy in securing their legacy. The Left churns out dire warnings about the resurgence of racism and bigotry, while it turns a blind eye to Far Left (goon squad) thuggery of normal citizens who do not belong to racist movements, but are worried about the current trend of replacing the aborginal peoples of Europe. This is the dire situation Europe finds itself in, and it is up to us to do something about it. Lionheart just happens to be one of those Europeans. Our fate rests with his. *L* KGS

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  1. The Gender of Islam

    For the last fourteen centuries Islam has been one of the world’s greatest religions. Born in the sands of Arabia Islam spread throughout the globe and in the Third millennium Muslims live in almost every country on Earth. Some would argue that Islam is not only a religion, but also political ideology, but they would be wrong. Islam is a religion, a relationship between a person and God. Islamism (or political Islam) is an ideology based on Islam. Islamism is what radical Muslims (or Islamic fundamentalists, or Muslim extremists, or Islamofascists, or whatever else you want to call them) preach to wage Gihad for world domination. Moderate Muslims, unlike their radical co-religionists do not believe in Islamic supremacy and global caliphate.

    Islamophobia prejudice against anything Islamic. If somebody hates Muslims or Islam, he/she is an Islamophobe. If somebody hates Muslim radicals or Islamism, he/she is not. Blanket degrading of anything Islamic is Islamophobia. Rational criticism of Islam or Muslims is not.

    So, up until just a few years ago Islam was just that: a religion. But since the last decade of the Second millennium Western Muslim establishment (which is overwhelmingly Islamists) together with the media (which is overwhelmingly ignorant about Islam, a very dangerous combination, have been trying to convince everyone that Islamophobia is racism, thereby crating a new race: Islam. Do not believe your own eyes. White Muslims, and black Muslims, and Asian Muslims they are all a part of Islamic race and criticizing them makes you a racist, so you’d better shut up. Nobody wants to be called a racist, therefore piggybacking on the legacy of the Civil rights Movement was a stroke of genius. Screaming “Racism!” is guaranteed to attract attention. The rationale behind “Islamophobia = racism” is simple. If you are not allowed to criticize Islamists, they can do whatever they want. Islamic terrorism? Doesn’t exist! Yes, there are some instances of terrorism perpetrated by Muslims, but that has nothing to do with Islam and to say otherwise is racist. Radical Imams preaching hatred of Christians and Jews in American mosques? Never happens! Muslim “leaders” whitewashing terrorism? How dare you, you racist scum!

    Did 9/11 change anything? Not much. It took a long time for the American President to use words “Islamic” and “terrorism” in the same sentence. In the meantime, radical Muslim organizations like CAIR, ISNA, MAS, etc., insinuated themselves deep into highest levels of the American government, because denying anything to them is manifestation of racism.

    So, up until a few days ago, Islam was both a religion and a race. Enter the great country of Belarus. A former Soviet republic run by a communist dictator and a clique of KGB thugs recently arrested an editor of an independent newspaper for reprinting 2005 Danish cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. He is jailed for three years for “incitement of religious and national hatred”. The notion that printing some silly cartoons of a religious figure would incite religious hatred is a stretch. But national hatred? Unless, of course, on top of being a religion and a race, Islam is also a nationality.

    Well, thanks to fascist KGB thugs from Belarus, now it is official. Islam is a religion, a race, and a nationality. But why stop there? On the next plenary session of Muslims Against Sharia the first item on the agenda will be: “The Gender of Islam.” And why not? There are Muslims of every race, yet criticizing Islam is racism. There are Muslims of almost every nationality, yet depicting Prophet Muhammad is inciting national hatred. I’m pretty sure that there are Muslims of both genders; why not equate criticizing Islam or depicting the Prophet with sexism? So, don’t even think about criticizing us, you misogynistic pigs!

    Original post:

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