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Pakistani Prof: Muslims Under Attack From Western Media…….

Nonsense. Without the international media’s penchant for reporting the news in a pro-Muslim way, the view of Islam and Muslims would be even more negative than it is today. According to former Punjab University Mass Communication Department chairperson, Prof Dr Miskeen Ali Hijazi:

” due to the technological advancements, the western media, after the collapse of USSR, targeted the Muslims to achieve their own interests. Stating that in light of the fact that no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, it was the western media led by Americans that projected the possibility of the existence of such weapons just to augment their reason to invade Iraq.”

There is so much bologna in these statements, that it looks like it was taken straight from the pages of a speech by Noam Chomsky addressing a tin foil hat wearing crowd at a major university. Really.

This is all of course a huge denial by the professor of all the facts that has led to the present situation we face today. More Muslims have been killed by Muslims than by any non-Muslims, as well as more terrorist violence being perpetrated by Muslims than by anyone else. Stating the facts as they are, seems to be too much for the professor.

He doesn’t have to worry though, as I’ve state before, the media (I’ll just speak for Finland) are loathe to mention the religion of the perps who carry out horrendous acts of violence and mayhem. There is no truth to the professors claims. I also find it telling that he’s more worried about supposed collusion with the media and governments about WMD’s in Iraq, but not over the biggest WMD that was hanged over a year ago, Saddam Hussein, and the government that murdered millions of its own and elsewhere.

Those Muslims who are content with maintaining the status quo (meaning no reform of Islam) are the ones running about crying “foul”, that Muslims and Islam are being wrongly accused, that Islam is a religion of peace, yadda yadda yadda. Islam, and the religious leaders who both teach and preach it, are to blame for the current “bad image” Islam has around the world, not the international media, and certainly not any of us who help highlight that fact.

Academics like Miskeen Ali Hijazi, as well as his counterparts in the west, want to shift attention away from the main culprit that is guilty of all the current mayhem, Islam’s prophet, Mohamed. He is the one that left open ended calls for Jihad against the unbeliever (of which I’m one), gave absolution for the institution of slavery and the treating of women as property.

When the Islamic leaders begin to tackle the core problems within Islam, mainly the “Jihad Ideology”, then maybe, just maybe, the media will begin to lose its focus of both Islam and Muslims, as the incidents of terrorism and Islamic supremacy diminish due to the reformation of Islam itself. Until then, we will continue to report on it. More here. *L* KGS

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