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Dutch Fashion Mag: Life Through a Burka…….

Life through a Burka To promote an article in P Magazine about the daily life of women wearing burkas in Afghanistan, 127,000 of these printed bags were distributed at POS a few weeks before the edition was published. The black bags were designed to look like a traditional burka dress, so that when a P Magazine was dropped into it, the girl on the cover would appear to be wearing the burka. The same effect was achieved with many other magazines.

You would think that a fashion magazine would figure out that a tent parading as female clothing hasn’t anything to do with “fashion”. More here. *L* KGS

Esther at Islam in Europe states: The magazine also let its journalist walk the streets of Knokke, a coastal town, clad with a burka, gathering up reactions:

And later used it to advertise their reports, showing that what is common in one part of the word, is considered quite unusual in another:

Note: We do not need undercover reporting on how westerners react to tent wearing, we need reporting on how women are subjected to such outrages as tent wearing, as well as being brain washed into believing that wearing a tent is a great cultural tradition. Let the fashion magazines stick to what they know best, …fashion.

Source: Islam in Europe.

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