Lebanon Paleostinians Terrorism

Palestinian Terror Group Infiltrates Another Refugee Camp in Lebanon…….

Anybody who thinks that Lebanon has seen the last of the Syrian sponsored Palestinian terrorist Islamist group, Fatah Al Islam, is sadly mistaken. According to YaLibnan, they’re gearing up for a “round two” with the Lebanese government forces, and with the full blessing of Syria’s Bashar Assad.

Sidon – It seems that the Palestinian leadership did not learn any lessons from the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp . Is there any other explanation for the presence of Fatah al-Islam terrorists in Ain el Hilweh camp?

Ain el-Hilweh is the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon and is located near Sidon in the south. Fatah Al Islam has circulated a statement by fax to the local media agencies in which its group claimed responsibility for detonating explosive devices at dawn last Monday targeting “renegades and disbelievers inside Ain al-Hilweh camp.”

The statement was signed by “Media office of the Fatah al -Islam movement ” The statement said: “Some thought that Fatah al-Islam has been wiped out , but those people will be disappointed when they find out that our flag is still hoisted and our swords are still pointing to the infidels , renegades and crusaders “.

Remember, these are the same thugs that helped turn the Palestinian refugee camp of Nahr el Bared into a wasteland, which ended up having to be completely evacuated. It is also noteworthy that there was no noticable widespread international comdenation over the destruction and loss of life in the camp, like there was over the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camp. Christian Phalange troops went in to clear out Palestinian terrorists and killed hundreds of civilians in the process, and it was all blamed on Israel. But unlike Israel’s unfair treatment at the hands of the international community, Holland as well as the rest of the Western states involved in Bosnia, got off scott free.

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