Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Terrorism

Palestinian Kassam Machine Shop Discovered in Nablus…….

The writing is on the wall. If the West Bank were to become a terrorist haven free from Israeli intervention, Israel can be 100% assured that the Palestinians would be launching rockets into the whole of Israel on a daily basis, ….while the PA claims “that they are doing their best to stop them”.

International pressure would be demanding that the Israelis “show restraint” all the while their cities are being hit by these weapons of terror. We have seen it all before, it’s like watching a slow moving train wreck with the horrendous outcome only being a matter of time. It’s sickening to watch, but watch we must, we can’t draw our eyes away from it.

IDF forces operating in Nablus Thursday night found two pipes resembling Qassam-like rockets in later stages of assembly in a laboratory in the West Bank city’s Casbah. Aided by intelligence pinpointing its location, the IDF forces found the laboratory with two pipes as well as the launching ramps for the projectiles. The IDF said the rockets were in the advanced stages of assembly. Locating the laboratory was one of the primary goals of the IDF’s operations in the area.

Military officials from Central Command told Ynet that this incident “proves that as long as the IDF has full freedom of operation in Judea and Samaria, we will succeed in achieving results against terror organizations and if it weren’t for this freedom of operation, things wouldn’t look the same.”

Exactly the point. Not before the Palestinians can show that they are truly sincere in ending the conflict, can we expect Israel to trust the Palestinians to police themsleves. Thinking otherwise is just plain naive stupidity. More here. *L* KGS

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