Israel Paleostinians Terrorism

Palestinian Gunmen Commandeer House Resulting in Mother And Sister’s Death…….

I can almost be sure of how the Finnish media will predictably print their headlines, “Israel kills mother and daughter”, with the actual report of what the Palestinians were doing being buried somewhat down in the bottom of the article.

“Four Palestinians were killed Thursday after IDF forces fired a shell at a house near Khan Younis in central Gaza. Khamdan’s 28-year-old son Sami, a senior commander of Islamic Jihad’s military wing the al-Quds Brigades, was killed in the attack, along with his 50-year-old mother, Khreima, his sister Asma and another family member.

The house that was hit belongs to Fayyad Khamdan, a local Hamas city council member and one of the movement’s senior leaders in the region. It is still unclear whether the house was the target of the strike, or whether it was randomly hit during clashes between IDF forces and local gunmen.”

These Palestinian terrorists engaged in hostile fire with the IDF, then enter a house without any concern for the occupants inside. Undoubtedly more information about what exactly happened will be forthcoming after all the principle parties have been debriefed. More here. *L* KGS

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