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Iran Executes Abused Mother of Two……!

Iranian mother of two, executed for the murder of a husband that abused her. Rahele Zamani, a 27-year-old mother of two young children, was executed in the Evin Prison in Teheran, according to the human rights organization Iran Human Rights. She was reportedly hanged at the prison.

After her arrest and during police interrogations, Raheleh claimed responsibility for her husband’s murder. In court, Raheleh explained: “On the day of the incident, I got home and I saw a strange woman in my home, who, upon seeing me, ran off into the bathroom. Shocked about this woman’s presence in my home, I confronted my husband. Mohamad yelled at me and told me that I was no longer of any use to him as a ‘woman’ since I had had two kids and he no longer found me attractive.

When I got upset, Mohamad began beating me and threw me out of the house. I was extremely upset, but after a few hours I returned to my house, and again asked Mohamad about the woman. Not only did Mohamad refuse to apologize for his actions, he actually threatened to kill me if I said anything to anyone about his extra-marital relationships. I was a mess. I could never have imagined that my husband would cheat on me or beat me so brutally only a month after I had given birth to our son. I was an emotional wreck; I was severely depressed; so when Mohamad gave me some pills that he said would calm my nerves, I took them.”

Breaking into tears, Raheleh continued: “A little while after giving me the pills, Mohamad went to lay down. I remembered discovering a steel pipe in the storage room when I was cleaning out that room a few days earlier. I went to the storage room, picked up the steel pipe and went to where Momhad was laying down. At this point, he seemed like a demonic monster to me.

I was very scared, so I began to hit him with the steel pipe. But he kept coming after me, attacking me, and beating me repeatedly. So I fought back. When he finally stopped moving, I saw my daughter in the room and I turned off the light so she would not see what had happened. Until the very moment that I put Mohamad’s body in the oil tank, I thought he was some kind of a live demon who would repeatedly attack and abuse me.”

This is nothing more than an Islamic state sanctioned “honour murder”. In any normal civilized court of law, the fact that she was abused by her husband would have been taken into account. This is both a moral outrage and a terrible miscarriage of justice. Sad…terribly sad. More here. *L* KGS

Update: The Tundra Tabloids just recently contacted the Iranian embassy in Helsinki, to express disgust over the execution of Rahele Zamani. The Counsellor at the embassy (a somewhat apologetic type of chap) didn’t know about the case before checking on her name, and afterwards could only produce the old news about her earlier stay of execution.

Feel free to contact the Iranians yourself:

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5 Responses

  1. Ummm…she beat someone to death with a steel pipe. What’s Islam got to do with it? She would have been executed in the US too.

  2. Ehhhhhh…Islam has everything to do with it Anonymous. An abused woman in an Islamic state has an incredible amount of obstacles in front of her in obtaining protection for herself and justice.

    Her husband took advantage of her predicament, since living in a state that practices the full extent of sharia, his word will always be of more value than hers.

    As a woman, her duty is then to submit and allow her husband to beat her to a pulp and live as a virtual slave. The Islamic state will always foster and perpetuate misynogism at the expence of the woman and justice.

    A woman –who just gave birth–that is being kept as a personal commodity, and has been habitually beaten by her spouse, and is taking medication to help her mental condition, while the husband took on another relation with another woman….

    No, she would not have suffered the death penality in any US state that it took place in.

  3. Cyrus, she would most likely have NOT been sentenced to death in the US. Look up the previous US court cases of women killing abusive partners. You will find that evidence does not support your assertion.

    There’s a high threshold for the death penatly in the USA. even then, automatic appeals processes have such a sentence challenged many times before it is actually carried out.

  4. Excellent point Chalons, The West’s justice system, while far from perfect, is light years ahead of the Arab/Muslim world.

    Cyrus’s claim cannot be validated with fact. If he were to produce something, I would be happy to pour through it.

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