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Cars Burn in Turkey Like in France…….

Well, I must admit that Turkey does indeed have something in common with Europeans, restless Muslims burning cars in the streets of its capital. Around 50 thus far have been torched, which should be really depressing news to all the global warming greenie weenies.

“Six more cars were torched in Istanbul Thursday while police arrested three people carrying Molotov cocktails. Unidentified culprits poured gasoline before setting a parked car on fire in the Eminönü district. Firemen arrived at the scene and extinguished the flames but the car incurred serious damage. Three trucks and one van were also set alight in the Küçükçekmece region.”

But that’s not all! French Muslims refuse to be outdone by their co-religionists in Istanbul, who have managed to increase the French carbon footprint by 94 cars in Paris alone.

“The night was relatively calm, without notable incident, there were very few direct clashes with the security forces,” said a spokesman for the national police. The Interior Ministry said 372 vehicles had been burned – 144 in the Paris region and 228 in the rest of France. That was down from 397 last New Year’s Eve. At the height of the 2005 riots as many as 1400 cars were attacked in overnight violence. In protests over President Nicolas Sarkozy election last May, demonstrators set fire to 730 vehicles.”

Viva la France! *L* KGS

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