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Dutch Muslim Moroccan Rapper Reveals His Hidious Nature…….

I reported yesterday about the Dutch Muslim Rapper group Youssef & Kamal’s video, in which a Geert Wilders look-alike is surrounded by knives, crowbars, saws and guns and then finally beheaded. Islam in Europe already reported that Wilders has filed a complaint with the local police over the video.

The Gates of Vienna posts the transcription of an interview by Dutch TV, of one of the rappers from the group Youssef & Kamal, as well as the lyrics to the rap video.

Newsreader: “He said: If I ever meet Wilders, he is mine.”

Interviewer: Wilders filed a complaint about you. What did you say?

Appa: I don’t care when somebody puts a bullet through his head, that’s honestly my opinion, I wouldn’t shed a tear about it.

Interviewer: Why not?

Appa: I find him a sickening person, I find him inhuman, so…

Interviewer: Can you imagine he reports when he hears something like that?

Appa: No, not somebody like him, somebody saying things like he does, I can’t understand that.

Interviewer: In the Netherlands it’s not done, saying things like that, you can’t do that

Appa: Then Wilders can’t say the things he says as well, but I don’t hear anybody nagging about that.

Interviewer: Well, there’s a lot of criticism against him though…

Appa: Not like the criticism delivered at me.

Interviewer: What do you mean?

Appa: That much fuss is never being made about it; why is he never called to account for it for the way I am now?

Appa has since been charged for his threats, and “sacked from his job giving workshops in youth prisons.”

But that’s not all. It appears that the political and royal establishment has turned its back on Geert Wilders, and (GoV:) “For all intents and purposes, it is as if they are saying, “If anything happens to Geert Wilders, it is because of his abhorrent politics, and he will be getting what he deserves.” Here’s the text to the video, really disgusting.

Eind-ho-ven Woen-sel Mocros [as Moroccans call themselves] all together

Smack as my …

[0:10] Eindhoven that is s**t, only that, only that! O.k. [Berber-Arabic][0:18] Aeeewah I’m just back from Vught [the city Vught has a prison where Muslim terrorists like the murderer of Van Gogh are locked up], I was infamous, on the run, but now I’m relieved, f**king Police [ibahesh] is making my life sour, like a lemon.

Give me a chair next to Ehsan Jami [politician of the PvdA (Socialist Party), who became an apostate, founded a committee for ex-Muslims, and therefore got banned from the PvdA, who feared losing their much-needed Muslim vote], our life is difficult as a rap [wahed gedicht], you be quiet my friend, or else I push a glass in your face;

One eight seven [187 is the police alarm-code for homicide] on a white police officer, Palestine neighborhood [referring to their Woensel area or maybe referring to the recent Slotervaat-Amsterdam attack on police officers, not sure] where the Jews are on the run, (hé!); Eleven September has been invented here, because of our terrorism America’s been butchered;

Woensel has the largest concentration of f**ks, all chickies [Dutch girls] are coming over here with their legs spread …

[0:57] Yeeesss we break the law with pleasure, Youssef, Kamal and I, we stay thieves, do kick, crowbar in hand searching for the swag, only the dinky [white Dutch] stuff, only what dinky cares for;

Yes, I told the bastard [meaning Wilders], I’m going to take your life, motherf**ker I shoot you dead, tremble Wilders [this word has been censored with a beep, but the first and last letters are left], I break your legs, I take your life, I take you downstairs, chain you, so forget about begging;

Kamal calls me and tells me to come over to the petrol station, I felt ill but still I walk to the petrol station, pull my knife and stab instantly and have … [1:32 — some Arabic/Mocro] I tell you, and give it to this Woensel or your body’s in pieces;

[1:34] (Woen-sel Bitch!), the Gaza strip of Eindhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), from Limbeek up to Vlokhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), Woensel here Woensel there (Woen-sel Bitch!), together is together

…Raise your legs very high …

[1:47] Youssef is back, move away, because this is for Ed [?], Vaartbroek, Vlokhoven, Limbeek and Fellenoort, Woensel motherf**kers and the building (as is supposed to be). I am the true Moroccan, nobody can understand me anyway [indeed, a lot of Berber-Arabic here] ;

[2:11] Kruisstraat, Europalaan [streets in Woensel], that’s where we come from, flashing in Vaartbroek, T-Genie [the Technical University as well as the old Philips factory is in Woensel] is the name, Gaza is there so your little safebox [sounds like double meaning here] is in danger, mussels [referring to Muzelman, an old Dutch word for Muslim] here, mussels there, hide, Woensels are a danger;

[2:24] I enter as a ramkraak [Dutch word for a using a car to crash into a shop for a robbery], look how I on this side of the hard song carry off the swag, Eindhoven, Woensel, Mocros [short for Moroccan] are going there, 180 cc […] fast;

Look how we rob full speed through the streets hunting for the froes [might have something to do with girls], or a microwave, or a plasma-screen TV, or jewels, or a safe, or car keys [Berber-Arabic];

Youssef, most call me the fighter, when Youssef’s been around they need to stitch you, pop pop pop-pop, Youssef hits you dead, and when I’m tired I stab in your head;

[3:01] (Woen-sel Bitch!), the Gaza strip of Eindhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), from Limbeek up to Vlokhoven (Woen-sel Bitch!), Woensel here Woensel there (Woen-sel Bitch!), The Moroccans are a danger [2x]

[3:31] [screaming idiot here while a Wilders look-alike is beheaded];

Youssef how do we fix this.

Islamism and “Gangsta Rap”, an equally negative import. Special thanks to the Baron for staying on top of the story. *L* KGS

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  1. that’s not true, you’re talking about appa. this is something else… a gimmick/hoax kinda thing…

  2. From what I understood, he was a member of the group

  3. Man there are so many faults in youre translation i think about 60 procents is not correct :S you dont even know what they are saying at a couple of lines… you just making some things for yourself up :S

    a true mocro 😛

  4. Europeans will never understand the Berber mindset. Berbers have been dominated by foreign peoples throughout their history. First, the Phoenicians became their masters, then the Romans showed up and made Berbers lick their sandals. By this time, the Berbers had become so submissive as a people, they had practically lost their identity. But it wasn't until the Arabs showed up, and raped Berber society raw, that the Berbers became mindless drones of their captors. Slave mentality begets slave mentality. It is deeply engrained in Appa's soul. He has no choice but to echo the sentiments of his Arab masters.

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