Pakistan Terrorism

The Death of Kleptocrat in Hermes Scarf, The Real Side of Benazir Bhutto…….

A major load of “inconvenient truthshere and also here, are dredged up by the unstoppable Debbie Schlussel on Pakistan’s late Benazir Bhutto. Anyone holding misty memories of the just murdered Bhutto should put their emotions on hold, and understand something before hastily placing this woman on the short list to canonization.

Benazir Bhutto was corrupt, hated Jews, loved suicide bombers and oversaw the rise of the Taliban and murdered her brother. So that tells you a lot about her supporters who are presently crying in the streets of Islamabad. As Schlussel says:
“Make no mistake. Benazir Bhutto’s death is no loss for American interests. Her reinsertion into Pakistan by our country was the problem. And she was no savioress. Not even close. Remember, just because a Muslim has a pretty face, it doesn’t make her a moderate.”
While I condemn her assassination, I won’t be crying over her loss either. *L* KGS
Update: Finnish political leaders are as clueless as their American counterparts. Finnish PM, Matti Vanhanen states: “Bhutto’s return to Pakistan to advance democracy was a courageous act.”
What kind of democracy was she trying to advance, other than another rotten to the core, highly corrupted Islamic state? I won’t be shedding a tear for the passing of a racist bigot, as well as one who supported suicide terrorism. Imagine the irony of her being killed by one her own approved methods of murdering Jews.

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