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US Sec-State Rice Hints at Visit to 2/3 of The Axis of Evil…….

So the State Department sock puppet is leaving the door wide open to a possible visit to both NKorea and Iran. That’s pretty much in keeping with her “SD” view of the world, and something that former US Ambassador to the UN, John Bolton has been warning about recently.

“US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice left the door open to visits to countries like North Korea and Iran if they meet certain conditions, saying the ”United States doesn’t have permanent enemies.” Asked if she were prepared to visit North Korea, Iran and Syria, Rice replied: “Look, we don’t have permanent enemies — the United States doesn’t.What we have is a policy that is open to ending conflict and confrontation with any country that is willing to meet us on those terms.”

The willingness to deal with unreasonable leaders of despotic regimes is not, IMHO, a very wise policy to embark on. All of the US’s attention should be on its alliances with the leaders of the free world, and keeping them up to date on how theses regimes are responding to international directives. Why is it so difficult for government officials to understand that one can only reason with the reasonable? More here. *L* KGS

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