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Diana West: The Jizya Tax of Foreign Aid…….

Andrew Bostom, an American scholar and author of The Legacy of Jihad, sends the Tundra Tabloids this Washington Times article by Diana West, “What about the record“? The Western penchant of exonerating Islamic intolerance and violence towards other non-Mulsim communities, is the subject of West’s article.

She takes a closer look at the West’s willingness to continually throw money at the Palestinians in order to alleviate “the sinkhole of Western guilt and responsibility for the suffering of Muslims in the PA.” She also (quite correctly) takes aim at Islamic historian, Bernard Lewis’s belief that anti-Semitism was “an European import.”

“You don’t need to be a scholar of Mr. Lewis’ stature to know that European colonization of the Middle East didn’t begin until some 1,100 years after Islamic anti-semitism got going in the Koran, the canonical commentaries on the Koran and in a long and painful (for Christians also) historical record.”

Lewis is of course wrong, insofar as believing that anti-Semitism never existed before the European colonization of the Levant. European anti-Semitism certainly did have an impact in the Islamic world, but only in the importation of the un-Islamic variants of anti-Semitism. The Russian forgery of the “Learned Elders of Zion” is one classic example, as well as the blood libel of Jews using the blood from non-Jewish victims in the making of Matzoh bread.

But like Diana West points out in her reference to Dr. Bostom’s exhaustive work on the subject, Muslim anti-Semitism can be traced to beginnings of the Islamic religion itself, and since that time, has found ample fertile ground for the continued seeding of Jew-hate from one generation to the next. More here. *L* KGS

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  2. Bernard Lewis is so wrong here it is distressingly obvious. One really has to wonder where he was coming from in saying this.

    Certainly, 20th century European antisemitism may have emboldened Muslims to be more vocal about Jew-hating, but it was clearly in the earliest Islamic writings and of course was existing thousands of years BC.

    In Islam’s beginning Muhammad simply incorporated the fashionable antisemitism in his ‘words from Allah’ as it was what he believed and was much more likely to go over with potential followers than trying to be a defender of the Jews.

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    it’s all the Jews’ fault

    fifteen million Earthly Jews
    control all the planets

    Jew hating began –
    they were first to proclaim
    there is just one God

    ancient blasphemy angers
    those hooked on older views

    absurd thought –
    Gods of the Universe said
    JEWS say there is just one God

    HOW DARE they challenge
    your polytheist beliefs

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