Israel Paleostinians Terrorism

Israeli Operations Clear Out 10 Palestinian Terrorists…….

Everytime you deal a major blow to your enemy, it’s a positive development. For those who believe in the “peace process” –to whom whom I apply the label of “the hopelessly deluded”– then the killing of one’s sworn enemy is a “very bad thing”.

YNet: “Gaza City’s streets ablaze as IAF strikes Islamic Jihad cells. Officials on both sides confirm deaths of al-Quds Brigades’ top field commanders and its chief of rocket operations, as Jihad vows revenge”

Getting rid of the scum that are responsible for the launching of indiscriminate rocket fire into Israel and against its civilian population centers, is always a welcome development here at the Tundra Tabloids. In protecting its civilian population from Palestinian terrorism, the Israeli government is doing what any government in exitence would do under similar circumstances.

But the Palistinians aren’t having it, no way!

“Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad called on the international community Tuesday evening to intervene and put a stop to Israel’s strikes in the Gaza Strip.”

In other words, the so called (choke, gag, wheeze) “moderate” Pali PM, Salam Fayyad, is asking the IC to put pressure on Israel, to stop, what they themselves are completely unwilling to do, which is to end terrorist attacks against Israel. What a joke, and this is the guy (Fayyad) to whom the IC is going to trust with all that money jizya tax being given to collected by the Palestinians? Hats off to the Israeli military for stamping out the terrorists, one by one, or in clumps. *L* KGS

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