The Straitjacket Tightens…….

For those of us who are interested in rolling back the gains of the Eurabians, the gauntlet has been laid down, bare, for all to see. It is very clear that the Eurocrats are only looking in one direction when it comes to the fear of racism and “xenophobia”.

The surge in EU sanctioned, Leftist-“strong armed”-zealous legislation against any or all groups that recognize unreformed Islam as the key threat to our modern, liberal and pluralistic democracies, is going to remain unchecked, if not vigorously challenged.

Those of us who hold no grudge against modernist individual Muslims, but view an ever increasing hegemonic Islamic leadership and expanding Islamist network in Europe, as well as their “Eurocrat enablers” as a very “clear and present danger”, have been handed a warning. The Baron at the Gates of Vienna posts a report that is well worth the time to read and to reflect on.

Racism and bigotry are phenomenons that most certainly need addressing, and the Tundra Tabloids has absolutely no tolerance for any anti-Israel rhetoric, anti-Semites other racists, bigots or homophobes. The issue here on these pages has always been about our current state of affairs, which sees any discussion on the anti-democratic, anti-human/civil rights aspects of political Islam, and an Islam that remains yet unreformed….as a taboo subject.

Individual Muslims, –those not involved in any kind of religious leadership role or political networking that seeks to advance Islamic driven policies (Islamism) in our democratic societies here in Europe– are not the focus of the Counter-Jihad. They never have been. EU politicians by and large view they own progressive credentials, by default, as an automatic inoculation against the recurring disease of racism and ethnic bigotry. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Indeed, the Eurocrats are only looking in one direction (right) when it comes to any threat of racism, bigotry and “xenophobia”, regardless of the fact that they themselves practice a “softer version” of racism towards the Islamic world on a regular basis. In lowering the bar of what to demand and expect from the Islamic world, the Eurocrats are, by default, are treating them as a different, substandard class of people.

This same kind of “soft racism” mentality was prevalent in a (then) segregated South, during which time, friendly Southerners treated African Americans in the same “child like” bigoted fashion that the Eurocrats treat Muslims and Muslim states now. Then, the thinking was that African Americans “needed” their White folks in order to get along in everyday life. They were to be managed, maintained and “groomed” in order to lead lives that would conform them to the “status quo”. It was a faulty and racist institutionalized practice. All that Blacks needed however, were to be treated as equals, and be allowed the same civil/human rights that were afforded to others, and the US democratic system would take care of the rest.

The difference now, is that the Eurocrats’ type of “soft racism” entails a turning of the blind eye to the wrongful, detrimental practices of the Islamic world, and of some Muslims living in Europe, for the sake of international/domestic political clout and financial gain. It’s a “softer racism” with a different focus, but its bigoted nonetheless. One only has to look at Eurocrat policies towards the Palestinian / Israeli conflict, to see Euro racism in full play.

In a more just and sane EU, any kind of financial aid being offered to the very undemocratic, hostile to human/civil rights Palestinian entity, would be linked with clear advancements in the areas of human/civil liberties and rule of law. What we see instead are faulty policies that reflect just how much the Eurocrats think of Arabs, which resembles a patronistic “old south” mentality, which in this context, refuses to believe that Arabs/Muslims should be held to the same modern moral standards that the West holds itself to.

Where EU domestic policies are concerned, regardless of their political affiliations, the Eurocrats are taking their marching orders from a deeply entrenched Leftist European polity that seeks to eliminate any sense of national identity within Europe. A multi-cultural Europe, void of any strong, independent national identities, is now seen as the way forward to ensure a safer Europe, but that thinking contains elements of bigotry and racism as well.

Eurocrat “soft racist” bigotry holds strong European national and ethnic identities as self defeating, and therefore a demon worth holding into check, and by any means possible. But history has proven that it is democracy itself, with all of its checks and balances (including the protection of minorities) that will hold racism and bigotry into check, not the assault on its democratic freedoms.

That is the faulty notion currently driving the policies for an EU “supra state”, which places all of its focus on the stamping out individual national identities and democracies for the sake of Europe, instead of placing its trust in the democracies of Europe, and the independent national indentities that has made it a modern wonder. We need to counter this newer form of Eurocrat racism, now matter how soft it is. *L* KGS

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