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That the “new and improved” EU treaty is actually 8,500 words longer than the original EU Constitution, that was voted down in national referendums by France and Holland?!! According to the Devil’s Kitchen it is:

Jens-Peter Bonde MEP, Co-President of the Ind/Dem Group in the European Parliament happened to be in the room as the Heads of Government signed the Treaty of Lisbon (that is apart from Macavity Brown of course). Next to him was one of the functionaries who drew up the Lisbon Treaty. This fellow was unaware of the political sympathies of Mr Bonde and was disarmingly dishonest. At one point he chuckled and said,”

“You know how we made the Treaty smaller than the Constitution?”….”We changed the font size..Hah ha, so the Treaty is now truly shorter than the Constitution”.

If this turns out to be true, what a scandal! Though the “new” Constitution is 62 pages lighter, it is actually 8,500 words heavier. What a middle finger to the European democratic process! More here. *L* KGS

Note: This is the same kind of dishonest shenanigans being pulled in the halls of Eurabia, which is nothing more than a complete disrespect of the European voter, as well being anti-democratic and totalitarian in both thinking and in deeds.

Update: Check it all out here: They did not change the font size; they changed the line spacing. So here is Exhibit one, from the Constitution of 2004, p.11

And here is the same text in the Treaty p.12

Great huh? *L* KGS

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