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EU to Dump More Hard Earned Cash Into PA Coffers…….

The EU is set to pump and dump more of our hard earned money into the hands of those who disdain us. Yes, the endless cycle of propping up the Palestinian welfare entitey is back on track, and minus as usual, of any checks and balances.

Finnish YLE reports: “EU auttaa palestiinalaisia 650 miljoonalla dollarilla / EU to help the Palestinians with 650 million dollars”

“Euroopan unioni antaa ensi vuonna palestiinalaisille taloudellista apua 650 miljoonaa dollaria eli 448 miljoonaa euroa. EU:n ulkosuhteista vastaava komissaari Benita Ferrero-Waldner kertoi rahallisesta avusta juuri ennen Pariisissa järjestettävää palestiinalaisalueiden avunantajien kokousta. Hän ei sanonut vielä, millä summilla EU tukee palestiinalaisia vuosina 2009 ja 2010, mutta kuvaili tasoa korkeaksi.”

Translation: The European Union next year will give the Palestinians 650 million dollars or 448million Euros in economic aid. Commissioner for External Relations, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, (pictured) told of the financial aid just prior the planned meeting of aid donors to the Palestinian areas. She wouldn’t say yet the amount of EU support for the Palestinians in 2009 and 2010, but expressed that the level would be great.”

Great! The all time squanderers of international aid are going to get more and more of our money with no end in sight. With the increase of foreign aid comes the expected increase of Palestinian terrorism, so the Israelis will once again have the international community to thank for the increase of death and destruction.

Dhimmified Europe is set to pay its annual dhimmi jizya tax to the Arabs in return for the Islamic world’s “moderated” behaviour towards Europe. It’s a short sighted and self defeating policy that helps feed Islamic superiority towards Christian Europe, especially when “the aid” contains no serious strings attached, like advances in human rights and protection for minorities etc..

That is the symbiotic relationship between Europe and the Arab Muslim world, …I mean between the “North and the South”. We must remember our newspeak in the Eurabian vocabulary, now mustn’t we? *L* KGS

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