Anti-jihad Humour

And Now Something Different…….

In response to an earlier post about the dreaded Arabian “Ghouls”, the Tundra Tabloids dear friend TINSC left the following in the comment section:

“If you grew up in Chicago, Illinois, you would also remember Son of Svengoolie (played by Rich Koz). Sven hosted a Saturday afternoon (or evening) horror movie show where they showed all the campy flicks from the 30’s through the 60’s.”

Here is the Son of Svengooli, thanks TINSC. *L* KGS

Note: This is one more reason why the jihadis (yes, even those with the name of Ghoul) and their supporters are no match for the West. Like the Japanese during WWII who couldn’t understand the Navajo language, neither can the jihadis understand the power of western humour. It will lead to their eventual undoing.

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