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Palistinians Crying For More Western Aid…….

Broken promises and squandered aid funding, has been the hallmark characteristics of any Palestinian governing administration since “Stinky” set foot on the shores of Gaza.

Instead of linking western aid to documented progress in Palestinian governmental reform, as well as accompanied with clear advances in the protection of civil/human rights –like preventing the Arab Christian genocide at the hands of Islamist supremacists– the West just hands over huge chunks of money in exchange for empty promises of reform.

There is ample evidence available on what the Palestinians can be expected to do with any western aid money, they’ll just jack up the violence against Israel. The astute Barry Rubin expresses some of his views on the recent Palestinian whining for more of our hard earned doe. He mentions that his “favorite sentence of the week is this one: “Asking for record $5.8 billion in aid through 2010, Palestinians promise fiscal reform.”

You can just smell the irony in that one. Being the least trustworthy of any (fake) national group in existence, the Palestinians, who receive more money per person than any other group, have squandered most of what the international community has ever given to them. Barry Rubin has more to say.

“What is funny about that opening sentence is that the PA has received so much money before and squandered it. Reform promises have been made and broken for more than 13 years. It is hard to remember the PA has existed that long with so little positive achievement. If Palestinians have such a bad economy it is not due to the “occupation” or to Israel but to their own leaders’ greed, incompetence, failure to end violence, inability to present an attractive investment climate, and unwillingness to impose stability on their own lands.”

Read it all here. *L* KGS

Note: If the Palestinians were more interested in building their infrastructure than killing Jews, they wouldn’t have to deal with sewage tidal waves swamping their cities.

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