Dhimmitude Russia

Dhimmi Russia Opens Sharia Friendly Hospital…….

As Russia moves further away from its own democracy, it becomes more friendly with anti-democratic institutions. No surprise there, anti-western democratic minds think alike!

By way of the Brussels Journal, the Asia News reports:

“Sharia will be enforced in the facility: patients and staff will be segregated on the basis of sex with female patients treated by veiled female doctors for men as well as halal medicines and food. The initiative is part of a renewed co-operation between Russia’s Muslim community and the Russian government. The chairman of the Mufti Council of Russia is quite happy.”

And why wouldn’t the Mufti council of Russia be happy, they have just shoved one big Islamist sandal into the door to a state that is slowly removing any resemblance of a democratic state.

But to be fair to the Russians, the British are not far behind. They are now busy telling a more-than-likely overworked nursing staff that they need to turn their Muslim patients’ beds towards Mecca five times a day. I’m sure that they are “thrilled beyond measure” to help facilitate the needs of all these patients.

The burka-style gown is product of a dhimmi minded Brit who sees nothing wrong in allowing a Muslim woman to slap herself into something that’s pictured on the right, in order for her to be “presentable” to her doctors operating on her body. When will the buffoonery end?

Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the female spokesman for the health network responsible for the facility has a Finnish name, Anna Kisko. How ironic. More here. *L* KGS

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