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Venezuela Denies Chavez The Chubby Cherub…….

NO 51% SÍ 49%, and it couldn’t come too soon. Pamela at Atlas Shrugs reports that Police raided Venezuela’s main Jewish social club on the eve of a national referendum.

“The raid was seen as a provocation against the Jewish community, which is almost unanimously opposed to Chavez, a major ally of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and his leftist reforms. The police raid took place as 900 Jews enjoyed an all-night wedding party at the nearby Union Israelita synagogue in Altamira, an upscale suburb of Caracas.

According to sources, members of the police unit that investigates drug-trafficking and terrorism broke the main gate of La Hebraica in the middle of the night, allegedly looking for weapons and explosives. Officers searched the premises but found nothing, the sources said.” More here.

Of course the “shock troops” wouldn’t find anything, they just wanted to “impress” the Jews with the Chavez government’s long arm reach. This is just one more stark example of the Leftist/ Islamist nexus being THE main threat to civilized society, not the pro-Israel, philo-Jewish groups like Belgium’s Vlaams Belang and Sweden’s Social Democrats. The Left’s kid brother neo-nazi parties are all pro-Islamist because they hate the Jews and Israel. Why is that so hard for rational people to comprehend?

Pamela notes that Terhan papers have been closely following the vote, and that Al-Jazeera was one of the first to trumpet a Chavez victory. They would just love that wouldn’t they? One of the Iranian’s chief allies in the war against the civilized world must win the vote in order to put pressure on the US to disrupt it’s war against Islamonazism.

My own personal take on the voting results is that if the socialists lost by only one percent, it means that they most likely lost by five to ten percent (or more) due to Leftist vote rigging. Once again, the threat to our civilized world comes from the anti-Jew/anti-Israel Leftist-Islamist nexus, and they will do everything in their power to help steer people away from their overall designs for our future, by fueling fears about the “Right Wing”. All the ghosts of genocide and mayhem are of course, in the Leftist’s closet. *L* KGS

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