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Savagery of Muslim Rioting Shocks France…….

New depths of savagery has been reached by the Muslim rioters running amok in the streets of Paris. Jean-François Illy, a regional police chief barely escaped with his life after being beaten half to death by a mob, while being beaten Illy heard one of the thugs say “Somebody must pay for this. Some pigs must die tonight!” There’s more:

“The 43-year-old commissaire realised it was time to leave, but that was not possible: they set his car ablaze. He stood as the mob closed in on him, parrying the first few baseball bat blows with his arms. An iron bar in the face knocked him down. “I tried to roll myself into a ball on the ground,” said Illy from his hospital bed. He was breathing with difficulty because several of his ribs had been broken and one had punctured his lung.


Not far from where Illy was lying was a policeman who lost his right eye after being hit by pellets from a shotgun. Another policeman displayed a hole the size of a 10p coin in his shoulder where a bullet had passed through his body armour. Altogether 130 policemen were injured, dozens by shotgun pellets and shells packed with nails that were fired from a homemade bazooka. It prompted talk of urban “guerrilla warfare” being waged on French streets against the forces of law and order.

The French are slowly coming to the realization that French law does not rule everywhere in France, even in the very heart of the French capital. *L* KGS

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