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Mo-Bear Incident Exposes US Feminist Leaders as Morally Corrupt…….

The US feminist movement took a mighty severe blow when their leaders refused to condemn and reject the (now overturned) verdict of woman, first sentenced to 40 lashings and six months in jail, that was later “reduced” to fifteen days in prison then banishment from the Sudan.

The woman, Gillian Gibbons, had supposedly committed the crime of allowing one of her students to name its pet toy bear, “Mohamed”. The boy later admitted that he named the teddy bear after himself, who “bears” the same name of Islam’s prophet.
In order to understand the severity of the US based, National Organization for Women (NOW) moral ineptitude, one is forced to compare the arrest and conviction of Soviet dissidents during the reign of terror of the USSR going unanswered by the Moscow Helsinki Group and Helsinki Watch.
The only difference being, is that the latter were very vigilant and vocal over human rights abuses, while the former could actually care less about women’s rights. This shows just how far these immoral cowards have sunk. *L* KGS

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