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Norwegian Talking Like a Swede: Illegals, Send Them Packing…….

Illegal immigrants living within Norway’s subculture was the subject of an Aftenposten report, that for the most part, strove to get the reader to empathize with these law breaking illegal immigrants.

“The vast majority sought asylum in Norway, were turned down, but have avoided deportation. Most are hiding out all over the country, in friends’ homes, basements, churches or makeshift shelter.”

This isn’t rocket science you know. Since the media leans left it’s understandable that it will, by default, interpret and report a story from their own ideological perspective, which means presenting these criminals in the best sympathetic light possible. As the article continues, it becomes even more interesting to read.

With no legal right to work, and lacking the state tax card necessary to obtain legitimate employment, members of this new underclass are vulnerable to exploitation

Due to some journalistic oversight –perhaps too much focus on trying to depict these illegal immigrants as hapless victims– the example given by Aftenposten of the exploitation of illegals in Norway, is of a 32-year-old Palestinian named “Ziad”, with his exploiter being another immigrant from the Middle East.

How did the gatekeeper let this get by?

“Among them is “Ziad,” a 32-year-old Palestinian who grew up in a refugee camp in Lebanon. He’s been living underground in Norway for seven years, ever since his appeal for asylum in Norway was turned down. He sleeps on a mattress on the floor of an Oslo cellar along with six other illegal immigrants in Oslo, and is in constant fear of being seized and deported. Ziad worked long days for a vegetable dealer in Oslo, also from the Middle East, who regularly abused him and paid him small change. But even that helped Ziad eat, since he’s constantly desperate for money. The job ended abruptly when the vegetable dealer replaced him with a family member.”

Exploitation of illegals is not a new phenomenon, and certainly Middle Eastern immigrants are not the first to do so. The point though is, that every state has the valid and sovereign right to decide who to allow in, as well as deport those non-citizens who violate their laws. The good news is that politicians from the Left are beginning to see the light, that if they cannot control their own borders, they can no longer claim to live in a sovereign state. Bjarne Håkon Hanssen from the Labour Party gets it:

“the answer is for police to continue efforts to round up refugees on the run and deport them to their home countries” […] “the answer is for police to continue efforts to round up refugees on the run and deport them to their home countries.” […] “”I have sympathy for these people, but their cases have been evaluated, and the main challenge is to find them so we can send them out of the country,”

In a previous post, I reported that Göran Johansson, leader of Gothenburg Council in Sweden was worried that:

“many of the 20,000 Iraqis expected to come to Sweden this year came here illegally, often with the help of people smugglers. “If it is obvious that someone has been smuggled in they should be sent back again,”

It’s nice to see Sweden and Norway being in agreement on the issue of illegals, now if only they would view the policy of open ended immigration from the non-democratic Middle East in the same way. *L* KGS

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