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Clueless Condi And Her Equally Clueless Envoy…….

Let me first start by stating the obvious: “A state does not make peace with its sworn enemy, but only with its former sworn enemy“. Presently, the Palestinians belong to the former, and definately not to the latter.

To quote Daniel Pipes, “Until the Palestinians formally accept Zionism, then follow up by ceasing all their various strategies to eliminate Israel, negotiations should be halted and not restarted. Until then, there is nothing to talk about.”
The appointment of former NATO commander and retired US general James Jones, is just one more blunder by US Secretary Rice and an administration, that has recently been prone to morally equate both sides in the conflict in an attempt to get the Arab League on board the “peace train”.
Israelis are now concerned over the appointment of new envoy, James Jones, who is expected to coordinate security issues between the two sides. Israel is of course to be expected to “take risks” while the Palestinians can be expected to make use of those risks for their own advantage.
Dhimmi Watch (via Atlas Shrugs) has already pointed out that training Palestinians for anything, will only result in that training being eventually turned against Israel.
“Speaking to Klein through a translator, Yousuf said his American training was instrumental in attacks on Israelis.”
Now we will once again be witness to a repeat performance of what happened during the Oslo years, and right after the Road Map. The Palestinians are completely unable, or refuse to be able, to handle the job of acting uniformly against the terrorism that they are openly or privately in favor of.

“But officials warned Thursday that Jones’s appointment could actually be detrimental for Israel since the general, whom they said is known for having a cold attitude towards Israel, would put pressure on the IDF to prematurely compromise on security issues at a time that the Palestinian security forces are not yet prepared to crack down on terror”

Add that along with the recent nonsensical mutterings by Sec-Rice:
“I know what its like to hear that you can’t use a certain road or pass through a checkpoint because you are a Palestinian. I know what it is like to feel discriminated against and powerless”
You then can figure out where all of this is leading. It’s a matter of factual history that Rice’s experiences during her childhood do not compare to what Israel has experienced at the hands of Palestinian terrorism, which is the real reason for Israeli security measures. For Rice to compare a racist South with Israel smacks of both gross ignorance and political pandering, and she deserves to be called out on it. *L* KGS

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