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Swedish Social Democrat: Send Them Back…….

Via the Brussels Journal, a report by the Swedish Local tells the sentiment of at least one Swedish Social Democreat about illegals currently residing in Sweden, “Send them packing”.

“People who have been smuggled into Sweden should be deported, a leading Social Democrat politician has said. Allowing those who have paid thousands to people smugglers to stay is not fair on people who can’t afford to pay to leave their homelands.
Göran Johansson, leader of Gothenburg Council, said he based his views on the fact that many of the 20,000 Iraqis expected to come to Sweden this year came here illegally, often with the help of people smugglers. “If it is obvious that someone has been smuggled in they should be sent back again,”
You would think that that should be, at the very least, the minimum requirement for a state wanting to uphold its own sovereignty. Lets see how the rest of the Social Democrats, as well as the Moderate led Swedish government responds to Göran Johansson’s statement. More here. *L* KGS

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