Finnish media Paleostinians Peace Plans

Palestinians Riot Over Annapolis…….

Israelis haven’t taken to the streets, they’re just shrugging their shoulders, having a more realsitic attitude towards these “peace conferences” which have come and gone in the past.

Al Avai has a good comment however, on how the Finnish media are spinning the recent talks:

The Monday Helsingin Sanomat talked about Annapolis beginning, but showed a picture of a damaged building in Gaza and claimed it was Israeli shells that did it; the 20.30 YLE news last night showed rough treatment of demonstrators on the West Bank, but called the forces “policemen” not “Palestinian policemen” — I don’t think it was clear to the average viewer that they weren’t Israelis.

The Finnish media is just one more thing that refuses to change with time, like rioting Muslims in the streets, whether in Gaza or in France. *L* KGS

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