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Finland Heading Towards The Same Multicultural Abyss……?

Finland is presently mulling over a proposed job-seeker’s visa that will be included in a major reform of the current residence permit system.

“Under the proposal, the holder of such a visa would have six months to find work in Finland. If a job is found, the holder could start work immediately, and would not have to return to the country of origin to apply for a residence permit. Under current legislation Finland grants visas to foreigners from outside the European Union and European Economic Area only for three months. With certain exceptions, a separate residence permit is required, which has to be applied for in the applicant’s own country before arriving in Finland.”

This looks like a sign that Finnish immigration policies are indeed taking a new turn, with the Finns imitating its fellow member states’ policies of luring low educated Muslim immigrants to fill vacancies in the job market.

According to the article, a proposal will be submitted to Minister for Migration and European Affairs Astrid Thors (Swed. People’s Party) by mid-September next year. What is highly problematic to me, is the insistance of placing Muslim countries at the front of the line, instead of trying to trying to lure 3rd generation expat Finns from the US, Canada and Australia.

“The job-seeker’s visa programme would probably start on a trial basis, involving citizens of a handful of countries. Countries might include Ukraine, Turkey, Tunisia, and Egypt, for instance. Initially, a total of 1,000 visas might be issued”, says Timo Täyrynen of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.”

I find it interesting that the Mari, Inkari and a few other Finnish related tribes in Russia are not being actively courted to help fill any future job market vacancies. But these potential culturally related immigrants don’t fit to well into the Eurabist project.

See how that works? By no accident, the Finnish focus has to be on allowing mostly uneducated Muslim immigrants into Finland –of which many have no grasp of what a liberal, pluralistic democratic society is all about– with the Ukraine most likely being included in order not to draw too much attention.

Next comes the spin cycle:

“Täyrynen also sees the move as a way to reduce the danger of more illegal immigration.”

So his answer to the problem of all these illegal immigrants making their way to Finland, is to make it as easy as possible for them to get in. But first he must create some sympathy for “their plight” by depicting illegal immigration as being:

“often dangerous, and almost always expensive, with many paying off their travel costs by working in conditions resembling slavery.”

This is nothing but blue smoke and mirrors in action, with the second act of an open door immigration policy waiting in the wings. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. Sounds similiar to some of the nonsense we hear from the pro-illegal lobby here. Chuck them all out, any country has a right to determine who it wants!

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