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Finnish Foreign Minister Leaves For Israel…….

The Tundra Tabloids already knew of the intended visit to the region by Finland’s Foreign Minister, Ilkka Kanerva a few days ago, he’s being accompanied by Israel’s new Ambassador to Finland, Avi Granot.

This new FM is nothing like his predecessor, Erkki Ol’ Scruffy Tuomioja, in that he’s not hostile to Israeli interests and understanding of their means of self defense. *L* KGS

“Kanerva will meet with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni in addition to Palestinian leaders. Discussions will focus on the Middle East peace process in the run-up to an international conference on the issue scheduled for the end of this month.”

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  1. You are right to say that his views about foreign policy are totally different from his predecessor. However, Kanerva comes from the same era of Fenno-Soviet friendship and cooperation as Tuomioja. As a young politician Kanerva tried to court favors from Soviet embassy in Tehtaankatu during the dark days of Finlandization. According to some rumors, he is alleged to have been informing the embassy about the political views of his rivals in Kokoomus party.

    Kokoomus was excluded from the government for decades because of “general reasons” that refer to failing to comply with official foreign policy of Fenno-Soviet friendship and cooperation.

    Despite all this Kanerva represents significant improvement compared to Tuomioja.

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