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Saeb Erekat to Israel: Stop Reproducing…….

As the pace quickens in the run-up to the Middle East “peace conference” in Annapolis Minnesota, one of the Palestinians’ more nuanced master “spin-meisters”, Saeb Erekat, is demanding the following from US president George Bush:

“Enough games, we want to see an end to settlement expansion and natural growth,”

OK, in other words, Erekat is demanding that: “all of you Israelis living in the land of Judea and Samaria, stop reproducing yourselves, this is totally unacceptable!” If I were an Israeli living in Judea or Samaria, I would tell him to go pound some sand. No one can stop “natural growth”, not even the grand weasel himself, Saeb Erekat. If the Israelis were to demand such a thing from the Palestinians there would be cries of “genocide”. More here. *L* KGS

Note: In spite of Arab/IC propaganda, Israel has every right to be in the area east of the Jordan river.

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