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US Secretary Rice is Delusional…….

The current US policy being promoted by US Secretary Rice is delusional, bordering on insane. Without any clear sign that the Palestinians have clearly given up on the “one state solution” –which means eyeing the real estate presently called the state of Israel– the US is once again pushing Israel to make “difficult sacrifices”. Nonsense.

“Rice said a two-state solution for the Israelis and Palestinians was more urgent than ever because of the threat from violent extremists in the Middle East, referring specifically to Hamas, Lebanese Hizbullah guerrillas and to Iran.”
Once Israel vacates areas in connection with any new “peace deal”, Hamas will take up shop like it did in Gaza, and then Israel will be facing rockets not only from the south but also rockets from the “Judenrein” areas of Samaria and Judea.
Rice may talk of both sides making “difficult sacrifices”, but what she is really saying in ” Middles East confict diplospeak”, is that the US expects, will demand, that the Israelis once again “suck it up” for the sake of US international credibility. Take a flying hike Condi. More here. *L* KGS

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