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Saudis Expanding Their Influence in Sweden’s Gothenburg…….

A structure like this will soon be gracing the sky in the Swedish city of Gothenburg.

” Designs for a Saudi-funded landmark mosque in Gothenburg have received the final go-ahead from Muslim leaders in the city, meaning building can start next spring.”

So the construction of the building will indeed be proceeding as according to plan. I am not entirely convinced that the Saudi money will not come with “strings attached” no matter what assurances are given in advance.

“We sought funding first from our members and then applied for loans from authorities in Sweden, but there was no money available,” he said.The ultra-conservative Wahabi brand of Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia has meant that some liberal Muslims in Gothenburg have been sceptical towards accepting Saudi money. But Mohammed insisted that the Saudi authorities would not have control over the running of the mosque.””

Yeah right. Where there is money, there is power to influence those who are accepting it. Given the history of Saudi money floating around Europe and in the US and elsewhere, Ahmed Mohammed’s assurances are not all that convincing.

Mark my words, we will be hearing more about the Saudi mosque in Gothenburg in the future, that will more than likely involve hate literature and Wahabist doctrine (read= Islamic supremacism) being preached. But then again Mohammed could be right, with money no longer having the power to influence those that receive it. More here. *L* KGS

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