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Saudis Cut Off Man’s Hand as Pope Benedict XVI Extends His…….

Possible scenario: King Abdullah to the Pope during his visit to Rome: “No I didn’t come here to cut off your hand, it’s the portion above the cape that interests us”.

The Saudis cut off the hand of Amr Nasr, an Egyptian, for theft in the Grand Mosque.

“SAUDI Arabia amputated the hand of a thief yesterday, carrying out a rare Islamic punishment in a year when the number of public beheadings there is nearing a peak. The right hand of Amr Nasr, an Egyptian, was removed in Mecca after he was found guilty of pickpocketing in the Grand Mosque, the Saudi Press Agency said.

The kingdom applies a literal reading of Islamic law, and beheads those convicted of murder, rape, drugs smuggling and armed robbery. A spokesman for New York-based Human Rights Watch said the punishment of hand amputation for theft was rarely used and this was the first case in years. “

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