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Finnish Leftist Shows Her True Colors…….

Hint, it’s in the background of her picture. Finnish Leftist blogger Laura Tuominen just can’t stand the thought that one of her favorite pet projects, Palestinian nationalism, not only had strong ties to the Nazis in the past, but also in the present.

Imagine her frustrations that both “Mein Kampf” and the forgery of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are number one best sellers in the Muslim/Arab world. How could she not be upset? But to dismiss it or not even acknowledge it smacks of either gross denial, or worse, disregard for the historical record.

I left a comment to her post the other day, here, that highlights the reasonable concerns the average Israeli has concerning the Islamization of the conflict between the Arabs and Israel. The Palestinians have never divested themselves from Nazi ideology and neither have the Arab states that border the Jewish state.

I simply left a URL link in the comment section to her post that shows present day Arabs giving the Nazi hand salute, as reasons why Israelis are understandably concerned over their own well being, and why they deem road blocks and check points in the WB an absolute must.

I’m sure that Laura Tuominen is a nice person with sincere wishes for all concerned in the conflict to “just get along with each other”, but her actions of deleting the comment belay a disturbing trend among allot of Leftists. They are in a denial mode when it comes to the extremist, Islamist, supremacist ideology their “pet project” adheres to.

The Palestinians and their co-religionists in both the Middle East and elsewhere have to come to terms with, not only their Nazi sympathizing past, but also with their Nazi/fascist ideology represented today in the Islamists jihad ideology.

It’s a matter of crucial importance that the Left recognizes the new fascism of the day, that being Islamofascism. The importance of the Left coming to terms with this “inconvenient truth” cannot be understated.

The continued denial that it exists, or at least the continued “looking between the fingers at this monster does nothing but to help perpetuate it. *L* KGS

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