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UNIFIL Fails to Detect Hezbollah’s Mass Military War Drills…….

Hezbollah conducts the largest military exercise ever, with the Hezy drill lasting for three days and with all of it going undetected by UNIFIL forces in southern Lebanon.

Well shazam shazam, how was it possible that the bearded Islamonazis called Hezbollah were able to pull off its “largest miltiary exercise ever” without UNIFIL troops even noticing?

Perhaps one of the reasons why is that UNIFIL isn’t really all that interested in S.lebanon in the first place. The Finns are already bugging out of the area, with the thoughts of “mission accomplished” dancing in their heads.

“The main contingent of Finnish troops who have been on peacekeeping service in Lebanon return home on Wednesday. Around 150 peacekeepers are coming back to Finland now, while 60 will remain in Lebanon, where they will for the next month be dismantling the bases used by Finnish troops during the Unifil operation.

Finland decided about a year ago to provide peacekeepers for the United Nations force in Lebanon after the cessation of fighting between the Israeli army and the Hezbollah. That decision included a timetable for withdrawing Finnish soldiers no later than by the end of this year.”

Perhaps they’ll leave their saunas behind them as a gift for the Hezbollah for not paying attention to them, instead of auctioning it. One good turn deserves another you know. More here. *L* KGS

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