Kurds and Turks Clash Violently in Oslo…….

Now it’s happening in Oslo, the capital of Norway. From the Norwegian edition of Aftenposten:

“The Norwegian Turkish committee’s demonstration at Youngstorget in Oslo resulted in violence Saturday afternoon. Turkish and Kurdish demonstrators fought each other with sticks and fists, and one person was badly injured. Police were on hand to break up the demonstration. There were similar standoffs in other Norwegian cities, but this one turned violent.”

The Brussels Journal had warned earlier about one demonstration that was planned (27.10.07) for the capital of Belgium. Paul Belien was proven to have been correct in his assessment that it was “wise to stay clear from the area”. Esther at the Islam in Europe blog posted on an earlier altercation in the EU capital last April. Now it’s Oslo’s turn to see the two sides of Turks and Kurds going at it. More here in Norwegian. *L* KGS

Update: The ever vigilant Esther informs me that she posted on this yesterday. Check out her report here.

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