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Israeli Research Closes in on New Class of Antibiotics…….

Good news for a change. Thanks to Israeli and foreign investment into its scientific research industry, Israel could now be on the brink of discovering a new class of antibiotics.

Here in Finland, we recently had a case of patients dying due to their resistance to antibiotics in regards to intestine bacterial infections. This is just one more reason why Israel is such a vital assest for the rest of the world. More here. *L* KGS

“The discovery by a team of Israeli researchers of a new communication factor that enables bacteria to ‘talk to each other’ and causes their death could have significant consequences leading to development of a new class of antibiotic medications.

Bacteria are traditionally considered unicellular organisms. However, increasing experimental evidence indicates that bacteria seldom behave as isolated organisms. Instead, they are members of a community in which the isolated organisms communicate among themselves, thereby manifesting some multi-cellular behaviors.

In an article published in the journal Science, a group of Hebrew University scientists describe the new communication factor they have discovered that is produced by the intestinal bacteria Escherichia coli. The new factor is secreted by the bacteria and serves as a communication signal between single bacterial cells.”

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