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I take the unprecedented step in reprinting the entire “translated” text of Erkki Toivonen’s post from his blog at Uusisuomi website. KUDOS to Erkki, a Finnish journalist not corrupted by the system, he’s living proof that all is not over with. He’s the man! *L* KGS

Special thanks to Vasarahammer for the excellent translation, of which very little needed fixin 🙂
Erkki Toivonen:
Saudi King Abdullah’s state visit to Britain has reminded me of a statement by Machiavelli: Qui nescit dissimulare, nescit regnare – He who knows not how to lie, knows not how to rule.

We know that Saudi Arabia finances most of those madrassa schools, in which young Muslims are indoctrinated to wage Holy War against the West and its decadence. We know that political prisoners are tortured in Saudi prisons and human rights are grossly violated. We know that Christian immigrants working in Saudi Arabia have no right to practise their faith, build churches or even bring Bibles to the Kingdom. We also know that Saudi royal family stays in power by leaning on Islam twisted by primitive and cruel Wahhabist doctrine on one hand and United States on the other.

We also know that Saudi royal family is deeply corrupt and advantageous arms deals with them have also corrupted the British government. Tony Blair prevented the Parliament and criminal justice system from investigating the recent air plane deal so that relations with the royal family would not have been jeopardized. OECD stated that Britain had violated the anti-corruption agreement, the creation of which it had participated in. Are we as Europeans ready to sacrifice the values that our way of life is based on just to please the ones with Islamic faith?

The toasts honouring King Abdullah could have been summarized by words: You respect my taboos and I respect yours. If international discussions will from now on be limited to expressions of mutual respect, the room for free exchange of ideas will disappear. Islam would then be successful in what fascism and communism failed to do.: Freedom of speech would disappear. BBC journalist was mercifully granted a permission to present a few ‘inconvenient’ questions to the King and his Foreign Minister, but let them of the hook by accepting meaningless replies. It was a pathetic display of declining standards in European journalism.

Shall we tolerate the intolerance? Lenin used to mock those “useful idiots” that glorified communism and preferred dictatorship of the proletariat over democracy. Hitler also had his fans, which he despised equally. Today we have huge numbers of “multiculturalists” eager to betray their own values. The results of their activities look scary.

When Pope Benedict XVI quoted a realistic assessment about Muslims and dared to suggest that Muslims should tolerate Christians in the way Christians tolerate Muslims, he had to partially withdraw his words. When BBC, proud of its impartiality, provided a background story about Islamism for young readers, the writer said cautiously that an organisation called Al Qaeda is suspected of involvement in terrorist acts. No mention was given to the goals of Islamists like creation of worldwide caliphate and replacing democracy with society based on Quran and its laws.

In Finland Yleisradio would have been willing to censor a TV documentary covering the Danish cartoon crisis, and finally gave in after stream of protests. When a group of Finnish Muslims called for the instalment of sharia law for Muslims instead of Finnish law, reaction was lame. The essential basis of our democracy is every citizen’s equality under the same law. Wrongly understood “communality”, i.e. granting special privileges to ethnic and religious groups, means the end of democracy.

As Europeans we were liberated from the chains of religion after a power struggle between the Pope and imperial rulers. Would we be willing to return to spiritual Middle Ages to please the Islamists who are stuck there – to secure supplies of oil from tyrannies like Saudi Arabia?

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