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The Saudi King of Chutzpah, Abdullah Chastises Britain about Terrorism…….

Speaking through an interpreter, the Saudi monarch said he believed most countries were not taking the issue seriously, “including, unfortunately, Great Britain”.

The King of –religious and cultural misogynous– Saudi Arabia has a point, but only in regards to Britain’s failure to close down the Saudi funded Wahhabist “house of horrors“, and boot out all of its Medina trained firebrands who are preaching the purer version of Islam.

What’s next, Abdullah preaches to 10 Downing Street on human rights and sex gender related issues? I wonder if the King will express the need for Britain to restrict women to the home and to “cover them the hell up”, while clamping down on gays. If pressed, i’m sure that he’ll echo Ahamadinejad’s claim that the Saudis don’t have them in the Kingdom either.

I guess the King of Saud should also lecture the Brits on the value of restricting Jews from living in the UK, as they do in the Arabian peninsula, or at least keeping them from using the same roads that the “true believers” use.

That’s the problem with inviting leaders from the Islamic world to the West, they are given a forum to preach their upside down views to a western audience, who are seemingly unable or unwilling to mount a defense of their moral superiority and western way of life.

Though the West is dependent upon Middle Eastern oil, the Muslim oil produceing states are more dependent on western funding, investment and buyers for their black gold, not the other way around. So my advise for the Brits is to tell the King to shut his pie hole the hell up. More here. *L* KGS

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  1. It’s hard to ignore the hypocracy of the Abdullah’s remarks, but the fact of the matter is that Daniel Pipes would probably agree with the comment isolated by itself. Moreover, Abdullah at least has a clue as to what the Western free press is like and that begs a question: is there any truth to his claim that Saudi Arabia gave the UK intel that would have prevented the 7/7 bombings?

    Abdullah stated that Saudi Arabia gave the UK intel that would have prevented the 7/7/ bombings and THAT is what led him to make the claim that the British were not serious about taking terrorism seriously. And since Dr. Daniel Pipes has stated this very same thesis many times, let’s consider the possibility that perhaps Abdullah didn’t do so bad THIS TIME.

    Then again, he could just be lying about the whole thing.

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