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Abbas: Outside Forces Control Hamas…….

According to Mahmoud Abbas in a JPost article, the “outside forces” of Iran, Syria and Qatar, are helping to plan another Hamas coup, this time in the WB.

Like I’ve been saying all along, Hamas can never be expected to “moderate” itself, because it owes its entire existence to complete immoderate views which it derives from immoderate religious sources from around the Middle East. But that’s not all, outside political and economic pressures are influencing Hamas as well.

“Hamas is an integral part of the Palestinian people and we are prepared to talk to them if they cede control over the Gaza Strip,” Abbas said. “But we know that Hamas can’t make decisions on its own because of political and economic pressure from outside forces.”

So if the situation is allowed to fester, we shall see yet another round of fighting between the two terrorist groups of Fattah and Hamas. The political analysts here in Finland –who are supposedly “experts” on the Hamas– have repeatedly down played the religious aspect in the Palestinians’ terrorist war against Israel.

Finnish Institute of International Affairs (UPI) analyst, Heidi Huuhtanen, consistently looks to Turkey as some type of role model for Islamists around the world. “They are running the government well. Realism rules the world and pragmatism almost always comes with responsibility.” But of course this all means absolutely nothing when the end game is an Islamist state guided by sharia (Islamic jurisprudence).

To be fair, Huuhtanen told me personally almost two years ago that: “this question remains of course open”. But as of yet, I have not seen anything coming out of the UPI that would show that they have lately….”seen the light”. More here. *L* KGS

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