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US Sec-State Rice Shows Her Sense in Calling Bill & Jimmy…….

Yeah,….just about that much. Condoleeza Rice has been contacting other “experts” in preparation for this year’s Middle East “peace conference”, and has saw fit to enlist the help of both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. Not much of an impressive starting line-up.

Jimmy’s advice for Condi will be for the US to pressure Israel in every way imaginable, while Bill can advise Condi on what shoes to wear if she wants to chase after Mahmoud Abbas’ car entourage.

The event is just one more speed bump on the road “paved with good intentions”. Unfortunately no one ever considers how a Palestinian state could ever be a good neighbor with Israel, as long as they are such a danger to themselves. Just take a look at the video on how they treat each other. More here. *L* KGS

Power Line comments on Rice’s recent enlisting of the “realists”:

The Post also reports that Rice has recently conferred with Dennis Ross, James Baker, Henry Kissinger, and Madeleine Albright. Having died in 2002, Cyrus Vance was unfortunately unavailable. Secretary Rice means to do some serious damage before she leaves office.

JOHN adds: This seems so strange: it’s as though General Grant went to a committee of Pope, Hooker and Burnside to get advice on how to deal with the Confederacy. Or Republican Presidential candidates went to Harold Stassen for guidance on how to win elections. What is it about the Middle East that brings out this madness?”

For those of you unfamiliar with those names, Pope, Hooker and Burnside were generals Lincoln had replaced for not getting the job done. Grant was chosen for his ability to do just that, and he did.

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