Hamas Middle East Brutality

Not For The Faint Hearted…….

Hamas unloads on Fatah, shooting men laying on the ground behind a stone wall. Video is from the Hamas takeover of Gaza, watch at own risk. Don’t click if you’ll be offended. *L* KGS

UPDATE: This coincides with the recent Amnesty International report that states:

“In all, some 350 people were killed and more than 2,000 were injured in the first half of 2007 as a direct result of the inter-factional armed clashes and attacks in the Gaza Strip between rival security forces and armed militias loyal to PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party and to (the now deposed) Prime Minister Isma’il Haniyeh’s Hamas party. Many of the dead and injured were bystanders who had taken no part in the fighting; others were militants of one side or another, including many who were killed in cold blood.

This video shows just that, line em’ up and mow em’ down. Disgusting.

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  1. Might I suggest that Gaza may be an ideal location to site a radioactive waste facility . I feel sure that we have some left over MOS type 1 A bombs for disposal .

  2. The doctor captured it: You are racist bastards. You let that comment come through, so if you disallow my comment, it would be censorship.

  3. Why doesn’t the mainstream news media report this? This is a war crime recorded for posterity. When Amnesty International lodges a complaint against Israel, the mainstream news media is all over it like flies to horse manure.

    The reason the mainstream news media won’t report this is because they hate Jews and prefer to report news that demonizes Israel. Otherwise, a blatant video like this would have gotten wide coverage.

  4. Stop thumping your chest in righteous indignation,

    In my opinion, the Doctor’s statement consisted of sarcastic cynicism.

    Since you have no words describing your disgust over the beastly brutality of the Palestinians in the video, I can then safely assume (like you just did) that the “heaping of lead” into the bodies of these men is of little or no importance to you?

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