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In Italy, Muslim Women Unveil In Memory of Hina Saleem…….

This November, a gathering of immigrants and Italians in the city of Alba Italy, will read poetry in honor of the young Pakistani woman, Hina Saleem, slain by her father in an “honor killing” a year ago.

“Leaders of Muslim women’s groups in Italy, the well-known Arab women poets Maram al-Masri and Youmana Haddad, as well as immigrants from all over northern Italy, especially women and their families, are due to attend ‘Poems for Hina’ in Alba on 10 November.
The women poets will read their work unveiled in Arabic to an audience of Muslim women living in Italy, who will also be without their veils. Al-Masri and Haddad will also read their poems translated into Italian by one of Italy’s most prominent translators, Valentina Colombo.
Hina (photo), who dressed in western clothes, worked in a pizzeria in the northern town of Sarezzo and lived with her Italian boyfriend was found with her throat slit buried in the garden of her family home, her head facing Mecca in August 2006.”
“Poems for Hina is being sponsored by Alba’s town council, and organised by the local tourist board and local business associations.” More here. *L* KGS

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  1. its not fair to link religion with someones insane behaviour …honor killing is haram in islam one who did such act is not following islam properly ….

    there are many examples of such brutal acts in other religions also like bali in hinduism and there r many serial killers who killed in the name of Christianity its not rt to highlight such things in the name of islam.

  2. That's really a great article, it seems Alba has received a lot of Pakistan women and now they unveil their faces and feel more freedom in their lifestyle.

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