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It occurred to me during the Counterjihad conference in Brussels, that many in the blogosphere who follow the Tundra Tabloids, are completely unaware of the Finnish Mohamed cartoons that led to the dismissal of Jussi Vilkunaa, editor for the Finnish cultural magazine, Kaltio. I was new to blogging back then, and didn’t have the far reach that I currently enjoy right now. These Mohamed cartoons drawn by the Finnish artist, Ville Ranta, are more powerful than the Danish pictures. Ranta is entirely clear about the point he was trying to make, lets see if anyone else agrees. *L* KGS

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  1. Assisting is relative, but “US and A” (yes, I’ve seen my “Borat”) was the ony allied nation that didn’t declare war to Finland despite of Stalin’s demands (UK did – shame on them). If I’m not wrong, which seems to happen more and more often, Finland was the only country in war against another allied country (Russia) that the war wasn’t declared to by US.

  2. Kumitonttu’s English is not that great. But I suppose you will never find anybody learned to support your extremist views anyway.

    The thing I do not understand is why you live in that commie country.

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