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CAIR Tries Smearing Robert Spencer…….

The Hamas front group called, The Council on American Islamic Relations, other wise called CAIR, took to smearing Robert Spencer for his recent appearance at an anti-Islamization of Europe conference in Brussels, which I also attended. Spencer writes about it here.

“The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has never cared much for the truth when speaking about me. The organization’s spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, has defamed me on national television, and the organization’s website even featured a link, for a time, to a tissue of lies penned by a pathetic convicted felon. But now CAIR has reached a new low, in a press release entitled, “‘Islamo-Fascism’ Week Speaker Meets With European ‘Neo-Nazis.'”

WASHINGTON, Oct. 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) revealed today that the main speaker for an upcoming series of “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” lectures at university campuses nationwide recently offered a keynote address at a European gathering that included representatives of racist or “neo-Nazi” political parties.

Of course what CAIR writes about the distinguished Robert Spencer is nothing more than a pack of lies and easily defended, but that’s the tactic of the Islamists, they must constantly attack the credibility of those who are pointing out the nefarious ties they (the Islamists) keep.

Robert Spencer himself takes “CAIR” of the smear and lies:

“The gathering was organized by American bloggers. It was about the Islamization of Europe. I had no hand in the selection of attendees, and was meeting most of them for the first time. No racist or neo-Nazi themes were discussed. If any of the people there are actually racists or neo-Nazis, I completely disavow them and all racist and neo-Nazi ideas. Now: will CAIR do the same thing regarding Hamas?”

But both Paul Belien and Conservative Swede help make Robert Spencer’s case irrefutable.

Conservative Swede:

“Since people of European heritage are the least racist on this planet, you would have to search really hard to find someone like that. (I do not know where you’re coming from ideologically, so I certainly hope you are not referring to Filip Dewinter or Ted Ekeroth).

Where would they come from, these “racist right-wing groups”? Is it Le Pen you are thinking of? Well, duh! He’s on the other side isn’t he? With the leftists, multicultis, the bobo liberals and that kind of racists. Le Pen clearly differentiate himself from us by embracing the Muslims and Islam. As he did during the Motoon affair, as he did by standing up for Iran’s “right” to build a nuke.

Instead we have exactly the opposite problem among us, that too many still see moderate conservative parties, such as Vlaams Belang, as being racist far-right parties who are “hijacking” the cause. It makes people refuse to cooperate, it makes people refuse to come, it makes people have their fear center (of the reptile brain) triggered so that they stop thinking and start sounding like a PC issuing warnings about the “racists right-wing”.

Paul Belien from the Brussels Journal adds:

“It is simply not true that “Vlaams Belang’s founders were Nazi collaborators in WW II.”

Vlaams Belang founder Filip Dewinter was born in 1962 in a family that cannot be accused of Nazi sympathies. His father and uncle were members of the anti-German Resistance. Vlaams Belang was founded in 2004, sixty years after the end of WW II.

The Vlaams Blok, predecessor to the Vlaams Belang, was founded in 1977 by Karel Dillen (1925-2007). Mr Dillen came from a non-political background. His father, an Antwerp labourer, abandoned his wife and their two sons when when Dillen was still a baby. He was raised by his mother. Neither he, nor his brother nor his mother were involved in any political activities at all during the war, let alone that they belonged to pro-Nazi and collaborationist groups.

Nobody ever said that the Islamists were the sharpest knives in the kitchen drawer, it’s just that they’ve got alot of them. *L* KGS

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