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Kuwait: Need For Terrorism Definition, Murdering of Jews Isn’t…….

And to think that the US and Britain liberated them. Speaking to the 62nd UN General Assembly’s Legal Committee on eliminating global terrorism, Kuwaiti diplomat Mohammad Al-Ateeqi, called for:

“a legal and comprehensive definition for terrorism and terrorist acts, and to prepare a counter-terrorism agreement as soon as possible.”

But that’s not all, he goes on further to add his own special caveat, something that could have been crafted within the halls of the disgraced Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC):

“He called on the international community not to confuse terrorism with the right of people to determine their own fate and liberate themselves from foreign occupation, as stipulated in Charter of the UN.”

So we know what that means, any violent actions taken against the civilian population of Israel should not be deemed as act of terrorism. According to Ateeqi, the intentional murdering of Israeli children, women and men, young an old, is …..ok. The Kuwaiti diplomat further states:

We, in Kuwait, reaffirm that terrorism clashes with all religions and human values. While condemning all forms of terrorism, regardless of motive, we reiterate that terrorism must not be linked to any religion, nationality, culture, or ethnic group. We also stress respect for human rights, international law, and international humanitarian law when countering terrorism,” he said.

In other words, please do overlook the fact that the overwhelming percentage of terrorist acts being committed around the world involves Muslims, and that they are doing it in the name of Islam. More here. *L* KGS

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