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Finnish YLE Tries Censorship Then Recants…….

The dithering of the Finnish media, mediocrity at its worst. I can just picture all of the hand wringing within the halls of YLE, after failing at being successful dhimmis. Due to intense criticism from the Danish film director, Karsten Kjær, Finnish state TV, YLE will now air the Danish documentary, Bloody Cartoons, next week Tuesday.

After YLE had announced earlier that it would not air Kasten Kjær’s directed portion of the ten documentary series, that dealt with the “dreaded cartoons of Mohamed, (Ilkka Vehkalahti had said that the documentary did not “reach the third dimension”) Karsten Kjaer had this to say about the Finns:

“Because of our recent history it would have been very important for Finns to see the documentary”, Kjær says, in a reference to Finland’s political balancing act as a neighbour of the Soviet Union, and the self-censorship that occurred in the postwar period. “In addition, the subject is very topical in the Nordic Countries. Kjær accuses Iikka Vehkalahti, producer of the YLE Documentary Project, of “personal censorship”, after hearing the justification put forward by Vehkalahti for the decision.”

Now, after a deeper retrospection, YLE has decided to air the documentary after all. Self censorship is a strong trait within the Finnish news media, so its not surprising that YLE had initially opted to “opt out” from the documentary. What makes it even more ludicrous, is that “Al-Arabiya, the second-most popular TV channel in the Middle East, will air the film on November 11th.” Flemming Rose has more on the documentary here. *L* KGS

Update: Jaakko Vasankari writes: Here’s more of the self-censorship in Finland. Uskonnollisen fanatismin pelko voi johtaa itsesensuuriin. Main focus in the story is in the “Bloody cartoons”.

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