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Abdullah Tammi’s Co-religionists: We Are All Finns…….

This nine minute Swedish production video is a mixture of Finnish, English and Swedish. There are interviews of Abdullah Tammi’s fellow coreligionists, such as Khodr Chehab, (featured first) from the Islamic Society of Finland. For those interested, the ISF’s website includes a link to CAIR, the unindicted co-conspirator in the ongoing US case against the Holy Land Foundation, a front group for Hamas. So it appears that the Muslim Brotherhood also enjoys a measure of support from the ISF’s immigrant Muslim community in Finland.

The ISF website also has a link to the teachings of Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Muslim fundamentalist scholar who is based in Qatar, who had stated in 2005 that the crown prince of Qatar should be stoned for being supposedly gay. Also worth mentioning is the ISF’s imam, Khodr Chehab’s notable role in the Danish Mohamed cartoon brouhaha, who stated that: “he is certain that if the pictures were published in Finland, the reactions would be the same as in Denmark.”

For those who can’t follow much of the video, it shows that while these Muslims are happy to be in Finland, that they are afforded much more than from where they came, they are however not critical of Islam’s anti-democratic sharia jurisprudence. The imam Chehab also complains of websites that speak “ugly of Muslims, Islam’s prophet and his Qur’an, but what can you do, but inform the police”. You can read that as being any website or blog that deals in the harsh realities of Islam, the Qur’an and its prophet, and any criticism of Islamists who would love to see the day when Finland accepts sharia and bows towards Mecca.

Tough luck for Khodr Chehab. The only kind of Islam that is not objectionable in a modern democratic liberal society, is modernist Islam, which means Islam being of personal faith only. In other words, there is no room for sharia in Finland, nor any credibility for those who promote it. That includes imams who support the death sentence for gays and for other anti-Islamic behavior. I wonder if the Finnish media will reserve some “hard ball” questions for this Islamist as well.

Abdullah Tammi isn’t the only Islamist leader in Suomi/Finland, and it appears that he has certainly been influenced by some very intolerant immigrant Muslims from abroad during his indoctrination into Islam. *L* KGS

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