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Palestinian Islamic Supremacist Watch…….

Islamist supremacists in Gaza strike again. A Christian official, Rami Ayyad, 31, who was kidnapped in the Gaza strip (Hamastan) over the weekend by unkown assailants was found dead.

According to a J’lem Post report:

“Although no group claimed responsibility for the murder, a number of Christians in Gaza City told The Jerusalem Post that Ayyad had received several death threats in the past from radical Muslims who accused him of conducting missionary activities.

His bookshop and the Palestinian Bible Society had been the target of repeated attacks over the past two years. They noted that attacks on members of the 2,500-strong Christian community in the Gaza Strip had increased in recent months, especially since Hamas took full control over the area.”

Whether the Palestinian Islamonazis are threatening Christians with dhimmitude, trashing their religious schools or defiling their churches, the Christian world remains strangely silent.

A natural macabre symbiosis has developed between Christians and their Muslim hosts within the Islamic world. The former preaches to turn the cheek after being slapped, while the latter is more than willing to complete the task. Is there now any wonder why Christians are leaving the ME in droves? More here. *L* KGS

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